5 ways my reading has changed! (in the past 5 years)

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to do a little bit of a different post and talk about how my reading habits/tastes have changed over the past few years. As someone who has been a reader for most of her life, I find it so interesting to look back and see how I have changed in relation to reading. There aren’t many flashy graphics in this post, just mostly me talking. Hope you enjoy!

1. Audiobooks

Honestly, Audiobooks is what inspired this whole post because I used to HATE audiobooks. Maybe hate is a strong word, but I personally just could not concentrate on an audiobook. I did not judge anyone who wanted to listen… they just were not for me! I couldn’t connect with any of the characters and felt pretty disconnected from the story overall. HOWEVER, nowadays I literally listen to my audiobook every single night before I go to bed or whenever I am doing chores around my apartment. Audiobooks have saved my LIFE so many times, especially when I have to read long classics for school. There are some months where I only read 1 to 2 books physically and the rest are on audiobook. As a full-time English major at university, sometimes my eyes just will not allow me to read anything else physically. Enter audiobooks to the rescue! I really recommend you try them out, even if you couldn’t get into them before. ALSO… audiobooks have really opened my eyes to my local libraries and I get all my audiobooks for free through Hoopla or Libby. I could go on and on about how thankful I am that audiobooks exist but I will leave it here (((:

2. eBooks

Ah yes… did we predict this one would be coming too after audiobooks? Although I will probably always prefer to hold a physical book in my hand, my appreciation for eBooks is constantly growing. I remember when I was little getting into an argument with my grandparents about how I thought Kindles were stupid ( I was only 12 forgive me) xD Now I read lots of ebooks through my library on my iPad! If there is a book I don’t want to spend money on, as books can get pretty expensive, and there is no audiobook available, ebooks to the rescue! I also love reading graphic novels and comics on ebook because those can get really expensive when you buy them physically. Overall, again, as a full time student who does not have the money to spend on books all the time, ebooks are such a lifesaver. (:

3. Harsher Ratings

When I go back in my Goodreads, nearly every single book that I read 5 years ago I have given 5 stars xD Even books that I do not remember liking very much. I remember there was a time where I thought 3 stars was a really bad rating and I would have had to not like the book at all to give it a whole 3 stars haha. Now I give 1 stars fairly often and it has become much more difficult for me to give out those glowing 5 star ratings. The book must be truly special for me to rate it that high. Although I can admire my younger self for having such high opinions of all these books, I think my ratings now are much more honest and my reading abilities have gotten more critical as well!

4. Annotating / Tabbing

Whew this one might make some people uncomfortable but… I have recently started writing all over my books. *GASP!! I used to always mark up my school books, as that was a requirement at my middle and high school, and I have kept doing that through university because it helps me think and keep track of things. I never used to annotate my YA books or books that I read for pleasure… the most I would do is maybe put some sticky tabs on some of my favorite parts. However, nowadays I like to write in those books too! I normally pick one pen color to go throughout the whole book and come up a few tab colors that I think match the book cover. Then I go at it. I used to want to keep my books in absolute pristine condition. But I’ve realized now it’s more fun to make them my own and it’s so cool to look back a couple months after I read a book to see my thoughts on it. Although I totally respect the non-annotaters, I personally don’t feel anxious about writing in my books anymore ~~

5. More Genres + Diversity

The final major way my reading has changed is that it has gotten so much more diverse, especially in the last year or so. I used to read primarily only YA fantasy or YA contemporaries. However, after taking a year break from reading, I came back this year ready to explore anything really (except horror hehe). I now love so many things from middle grade, to adult romance, to YA thrillers. I really am open to anything at this point. I also have been loving discovering books from different cultures as well. My old reading habits used to unfortunately focus on white authors writing stories about white characters. I really have been making an effort to read more diversely this year and I have just discovered so many fantastic stories my ignorant self was unaware of. Overall, more genres and more diversity has really enriched my reading and I am so happy I’ve decided to branch out!


One thought on “5 ways my reading has changed! (in the past 5 years)

  1. I feel the same about ebooks. I use to dislike them with a passion. I didn’t like not having a real physical book in my hands and it made me lose focus, but recently I’ve gotten into NetGalley and the only way to read books through NetGalley is through technology. I’ve been using my phone and have had no problems with it. As you said, I’ll always prefer a physical book, but ebooks are okay too.


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