Felix Ever After by Kacen Callendar

“I’m not flaunting anything. I’m just existing. This is me. I can’t hide myself. I can’t disappear. And even if I could, I don’t fucking want to. I have the same right to be here. I have the same right to exist.” – Kacen Callendar

RATING: ★★★★★

Felix Ever After has definitely made my favorite books of the year list. AHH! This wonderful story follows a transgender, Black, and queer boy named Felix who is trying to figure out his identity and how his many intersectionalities work with one another. Felix’s world is turned upside down when someone at his school displays pictures of Felix pre-transition and uses his deadname without his consent. Now Felix is determined to get revenge on who did this to him, all while navigating a summer art program at his high-school. 

Overall, this book is about love, friendship, and betrayal and I adored it from page one. It was absolutely hilarious and refreshing. Felix especially felt so real to me and I loved rooting for him. It really is hard to put into words just how lovely and powerful this story is. Despite not being able to speak to the accuracies of the representations that are described, this was just such a perfect story to me. It was messy and impactful and oh so sweet I think it will stick with me for a very long time.

I also really enjoyed the discussions of sexuality and what it means to be transgender. I thought those conversations, while a little on the nose, were very important and I tabbed so many of them in my book to go back and look at later. In addition, the family dynamics that were explored were very interesting. Felix’s conversations with his father were especially impactful.

Honestly, another big reason why I adored this book is because it reignited my love for YA contemporaries. Lately, I’ve been feeling fairly meh on many of the YA contemporaries I have consumed and so it felt so wonderful to be able to pick up the genre again and just fall head over heels. Ezra and Felix were so amazing to read about and I couldn’t have asked for better main characters. 

Anyway, PLEASE READ THIS BOOK!!! It was honestly such a fun and quick read that deals with so many important things

Buy the book on AMAZON or BARNES AND NOBLE

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